Tuesday, March 17, 2020

buy custom Andover Fresh essay

buy custom Andover Fresh essay In the recent times the number of health problems has drastically surged. It is on this light that farmers in collaboration with other stakeholders, such as the local leaders, student bodies among others living in Andover, have established Andover Famers Markets. The mission of this market is to organize a weekly venue, where farmers of Massachusetts and artisans can gather and find healthy and fresh foods among other products, which support the spirit and economy of Andover (Bartz, 2011). If I was given one day and a budget of $1000 to significantly change our community, I would spend it in the Andover Farmers Market. Since its establishment in 2007, I have noted that most of the people living in Andover, have not clearly understood the role played by this market, not only n improving the economic welfare of the city but also in improving the nutrition levels of the locals. As a result of this, the one day would focus on improving the awareness of the locals on the significance of the Andover Framer Market, which mainly sells fresh products, such as organic products. To maximize on the productivity of this day, I would substantially involve the local leaders, farmers, student bodies, artisans and other key players in the Andover community (Andover Farmers' Market, 2011). The table below indicates how the $1000 would be spent during that one-day event. Function Amount in $ Advertisement 400 Transport 400 Miscellaneous 200 Total 1000 At the end of the day, the locals will be able to fully embrace this market, thus actively participate in the weekly event (Bartz, 2011). In conclusion, the participation of the locals in the Andover fresh markets will improve by at least 35% in the next three years, translating into 15% improvement in the general economy of Andover (Andover Farmers' Market, 2011). Buy custom Andover Fresh essay

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