Friday, February 14, 2020

Movie The Corporation Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

The Corporation - Movie Review Example It goes as far as damaging the environment and hurting clients and employees. The corporation is controlling everything and it is pompous, always insisting that it is the number one, or is the best. It feels no shame, refuses to take blame for its actions, and has no compassion. It connects to others merely on the surface, through made-up versions of itself put on by marketing men and public-relations consultants. To sum up, if the image of the corporation as human is a valid one, then the corporation really is a psychopath. Anti-globalization people have an inclination to demonize industry captains. However, per the movie, the problem with firms is not usually on the people who run them. A former Shell big-boss, Sir Mark Moody-Stuart, appears in the movie as a humane and compassionate person. At one point, he and his wife welcomed the demonstrators camped on the front lawn of their house and offered them tea. They even apologized for the lack of soy drink for the vegetarians among the demonstrators. Also in this movie, Goodyear's boss, Sam Gibara, was given time to express his viewpoints. Every aspect of the film was neutral so it is apparent that it was given a balanced edit.

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