Friday, November 8, 2019

Global Aids Crisis essays

Global Aids Crisis essays AIDS is a killer. Worldwide, AIDS killed almost 3 million people last year. Thats 8,000 people every day, 333 every hour, and 5 people every minute. Unfortunately thats not where it ends. The AIDS epidemic is not getting any better, in fact it is killing more and more as each minute passes. Every day some 15,000 new cases of HIV infections occur. That means that every single day 15,000 death sentences are handed out since there is no cure for HIV or AIDS. The epidemic is the worst in third world nations. 95% of all AIDS cases occur in the worlds poorest countries. In some of the worst areas 1/3 of the adult population have either HIV or AIDS. In these countries, 1/3 of all 15 year olds will die of AIDS. One of the worst situations is in Zimbabwe where the population living with HIV/AIDS is almost 50%. Unfortunately the majority of the population is also illiterate. The dilemma there is, how does one educate a people on prevention when the people cant even read or write, let alone have access to any form of media. Furthermore treatment is also a very grave issue when referring to developing countries. The G8 nations do not have this problem, however there are partly to blame for this epidemic. The G8 nations and their pharmaceutical monopolies do not see the crisis in Africa and Asia as being profitable enough for them to become heavily involved. They choose not to share all the resources that we have with these nations because they fear losing money on their patents. As Westerners we have become very complacent with the affects of AIDS in our lives and our society, and even more apathetic towards the global crisis. We dont seem to feel that it is an issue, we all have a sense of immortality until something like AIDS hits home, and even at that at least here we can treat it. Think about the millions of people in Africa and Asia who die every year, not in war, not in any n ...

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