Monday, November 4, 2019

Country of origin effects in developed and emerging markets Research Paper

Country of origin effects in developed and emerging markets - Research Paper Example ttempted to relate the consumer’s ethnocentrism and materialism as well as their value consciousness with respect to the existing or developed market as well as the emerging markets (Sharma 2011). In order to confirm his hypothesis, the author conducted surveys on both developed and undeveloped markets. This included a number of consumers who were selected from a certain company. The results indicated the significance of looking beyond the consumer ethnocentrism and looking deeply on other psychological effects on consumer’s views on the imported goods. Despite the fact that this article significantly contributes in understanding the consumer behavior patterns, it suffers some limitations. The shortcomings are based on the methodology applied in the study as well as the study findings. One of the main weaknesses of this article is that it uses only one type of the product which is passenger cars. However, consumers may display varying characteristics depending on different factors. Therefore, consumers from a certain market for instance the emerging market may display a different perception on different products based on differences in tastes and preferences. Therefore, this study fails to cover such factors. It would have been advisable for the study to consider different products in order to compare whether there is any significant influence of the type of the product on the consumers’ perception on the imported products. This lowers the reliability of the findings. The study also examined employees from a single company. This information was then used in generalization. This is another weakness of this article. It would be better if the study could have considered a more diverse sample. This would have been more reliable in generalizing the findings on the entire population. By considering a monotonous population, this lowers the power of the general study to generalize on the population. For instance, the sample contain of people from similar social

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