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Theories and Models of Communication Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Theories and Models of Communication - Essay Example The hypothesis of communication assists individuals in comprehending this phrase, since communication involves analysis of facts to deduce the meaning. Failure to evaluate these facts of information might lead to failing to deduce the correct interpretation. This way this hypothesis assists in analyzing information. For instance, it is easy to discern someone’s intentions; by the way, they speak. Lack of these visible signs might imply otherwise (Griffith, p.10). Mass media describe all media technologies utilized to reach an enormous audience through mass communication. Mass media also describes the institutions which manage these technologies, for instance, television stations, as well as publishing companies. An exemplar of mass media includes broadcast media, which describes the electronic transmission of information via television, radio, as well as CDs and DVDs. In addition, broadcast media involves other devices such as cameras, as well as video consoles. Another exemplar is print media, which involves utilization of a physical object as a way of transferring information. Other print media include brochures and pamphlets among others (Igor, p.10). The mass medium is an extremely powerful tool which significantly influences peoples’ ways of existence. It is extremely influential in that the images or information media displays have the capacity to foster stereotypes, products, alter cultures among others. For instance, in many countries, the dress code displayed by media is usually adopted by the youngsters. Media particularly Internet media is also readily available and affords a massive outreach. It can be utilized in varied parts of the globe concurrently and cost-effectively. This portrays the influence of media. 4 Semiotics involves the study of symbols, as well as sign systems. Semiotics also entails indication, description, metaphor, similarity among others. The fundamental component of meaning is the symbol. It is anything that can characterize an idea. It also includes studying the organization and meaning of lingo. The significant elements of any semiotic include content, as well as expression (Littlejohn and Foss, p. 23). Rhetorical evaluation assists in looking into

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