Saturday, October 5, 2019


PAPER ON HUMANS AND ANDROIDs based on books I SING THE BODY ELECTRIC and movie THE ELECTRIC GRANDMOTHER - Essay Example Terror Management Theory that is built mostly from the notions of Ernest Becker begins with the idea that humans, as opposed to other creatures, face something that is possibly terrifying: the attention of our own death rate in addition to the desire to stay alive. In the words of Terror Management Theory co-creator Sheldon Solomon, the attention that you are intended to wither away to nothingness, and in turn are no more significant than a reptile or a spud, is not particularly impressive to anyone. So how do individuals deal with this awareness? From a Terror Management Theory strategy, individuals deal with death rate by doubting their own death rate, and preventing considering it. They hold back the terror, generally (for example, loss of lifestyle ideas enhance a prevention inspiration, lead individuals to embellish the potential length of their lifestyle and death ideas lower after individuals are advised of death). But, this strategy certainly is not able to a degree. We know we will die, no matter how much we try and avoid considering it. So, individuals developed social signs of significance and value that offer a sense of significance and significance, and eventually, growing old, when individuals stay up to and maintain the factors of these values (hence the human need for self-esteem), as a means of dealing with their own loss of lifestyle. This immortality can either be representational, such as by splitting information or causing worldviews and categories that continue beyond a persons loss of lifestyle, or actual, as in perception in lifestyle after death. In ‘Electric Grandmother’, a mother is replaced by an android in order for them to stay with the father and not be taken away. We find that they find an advertisement for Facsimiles’ Unlimited, a company who proclaims "I Sing the Body Electric," which is a robotic grandmother who will provide care and love to families. This is initially is just to take care

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