Thursday, October 10, 2019

Advantages and Disadvantages of Early Retirement

Constant pursuit of money, making the big time, flux, accomplishing social status but where is the time to enjoy those attainments? When are we to say ‘enough’? Current pace of life disables us to do so. Just work work and again. Is there any key? Maybe worth of consideration would be early retirement ; what are the advantages and disadvantages of previously mentioned action? Firstly, when we are talking about advantages. It is a new start, some kind of a new beginning. People can afford on more what they used to. There is much more time for themselves (when describing a couple) friends or family. On the other hand nimiety of free time makes human being feel redundant. It is the main cause of depression, slough, generalised anxiety disorder, loss of poise and many others. As the old dictum says ‘prevention is better than cure’. Secondly when one retires his post is within range of someone younger. It is a benefit for all the society- because early retirement is a mechanism for reducing unemployment which is widespread among young generation. Sad but true. Despite that fact it is said that ‘the older- the more experienced’ which factor is crucial for the employer. Some features of characteristics cannot be superceded, f. e. conscientiousness, diligence, reasonableness. As previously mentioned, filling someone's shoes it is not obvious as it may seem. As presented above; early retirement has both assets and drawbacks. It cannot be judged that one are more important than others, because it is simply individual point of view including encumbrances, personal assurances and many other aspects. ‘When you are young, you think that your path is longer than old colleague of yours. Is it so? ’ In my modest opinion that quotation is universal and definitely hits the point.

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