Monday, September 9, 2019

WLAN Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words - 1

WLAN - Essay Example It is also known as â€Å"Wireless-N".(Rathbone, 2012) It is the latest 802.11 amendment that offers the high speed data transfer rate with improved signal ranges than the previous amendments. As a matter of fact, the verified speeds for 802.11n devices are 7 times faster than 802.11g while communicating at 300 Mbps or more in real world scenario. Evidences proved it as the first Wi-Fi 802.11 amendment that has challenged the 100 Mbps wired Ethernet architectures. 802.11n supporting devices are designed for better performance at long distances, which means that if a portable device is 300 feet away from the Wi-Fi access point it will still retain its actual data rate. Distinguishing it from older versions of 802.11, where data rate and communication with the access points tend to be weakened when a portable device is that far. As we know that 802.11n has been standardized and groups in wireless industry such as the Wi-Fi Alliance have been forcing for backward compatibility among 802.11n and its previous version supporting devices – has reduced the risk of buying devices that may not communicate with each other or with older hardware. Studies showed that cross technology interference can be main issue for almost all the 802.11 amendments. A research based study in 2010 by giants like Miercom, BandSpeed and Farpoint Group showed that these huge interferers like microwave and cordless phones can be responsible for complete connectivity loss for 802.11n connectivity. The reason behind this is, some of these devices transmit frequency in band that is as wide as 802.11, while each one of these give out power that is equivalent or sometimes higher than 802.11 device. As we know that 802.11n inherent the MIMO technology. (Madisetti, 2010, p. 27-28) One solution can make it possible if we use a 3Ãâ€"3 802.11n transmitter. It will help in a way that all the interferences can disturb one stream while still two parallel streams are present for its receiver. The suggested

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