Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Road Freight Transport Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words - 2

Road Freight Transport - Essay Example The road freight industry basically refers to the groups of companies that manage cargoes and shipment of other luggage through the road network including railways. These goods may be for other industries or for consumer use. Over the years, road freight has become more costly and thus less prefered. This owes to the ever up surging petroleum prices, increased road taxes, lots of heavy road traffic even after the peak hours, more alternatives available and most of all stringent rules and restrictions on road freight. The United Kingdom has also seen a change in the goods that are carried by road and also the transport means that are being used for it. The road freight industry of UK has been highly criticized for its legislations and other informal regulatory policies from time to time. However, it has survived through all this and come out successful, nonetheless. The road freight industry in the UK is composed of lorries, cargoes and railways mainly. Many laws have been passed to ensure the smooth running of the industry and to minimize smuggling and other bads in the society such as trade of illegal goods. However, it has been criticized for been a lousy industry which hasn’t worked up to its capacity. This criticism can only be weighed under the facts and figures that will be described in this paper. The Freight Transport Association (FTA) has been working tirelessly to make the freight process in UK highly civilized and well planned. It has, to a considerable extent, been successful in achieving its goal. Though, there is more yet to be done. It is not just one company that will make road freight reach new heights, a lot more private companies will have to plunge in and turn dreams into reality. Road haulage companies may volunteer to give some suggestions and suggest strategies that might help improve the public image of the road freight industry. This is very important for the industry to survive and earn profits. The road freight industry in the

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