Thursday, September 12, 2019

Response paper Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words - 2

Response paper - Assignment Example However, the main cause of the decline of the empire can be attributed to what experts call Hypertrophy. The empire was busy crushing potential rivals. In the end, the empire had no money to finance wars or pay armies. Eventually, the empire could not protect itself from external attacks. Couple this with the fact that the cities produced nothing; all production was left for rural people. In fact the government was providing financial incentives and entertainment for urban dwellers to quell instances of revolts. Therefore, the urbanites ate free bread from government and spent all their time watching games and plays; without paying taxes. After the collapse of the Roman Empire under barbaric tribes from Germany, the church became heavily dependent on the barbarians. As Europe was under the barbaric rule, King Charles or Charlemagne became the executive rule of the new empire. Under his leadership and of Pope Gregory, many barbarians were converted to Christianity. Ironically, the church became more barbaric and as the culture deteriorated, so were the morals of the clergy. Bishops had slaves and concubines and practiced perverted sexual fantasies. They also wore swords and mils, which they used to dispose the poor of their wives and possessions. They were licentious and drunkards who preached the exact opposite of their actions. During Gregory‘s papal reign, violence, torture and corruption was the order of the day. The only reprieve for people were the saints who selflessly came to their aid. The saints had supernatural powers and could heal the sick. Many people therefore ran to them. Saints were subsequently persecuted with the exception of few powerful saints like Saint Martin who were feared by the emperor. While there was extreme corruption both physically and spiritually, the dark ages also marked a time of prosperity especially in northern Europe. Better means of farming had been

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