Wednesday, September 25, 2019

Animal Testing for Immunocompetence Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 words

Animal Testing for Immunocompetence - Essay Example In my thinking, these tests and others are somewhat effective but applying them to humans first in order to get a first-hand feedback can help in implementation of the tests since animals can not explain about the side effects which are not observable (Smits, Bortolotti& Tella,1999).Tests for the ability of animal’s body to detect foreign bodies and fight against them need not only be carried out in laboratories. Observing nutrition is a key element in the attempt of maintaining an organism’s Immunocompetence. It is my view that nutrient limitation or extension such as lack of enough protein can really bring down the Immunocompetence of an animal. Lack of the required diets can be used as a test of defining some diseases attacking the animals and the reasons behind it (MÃ ¸ller, Milinski& Slater, 1998). Another option for testing the Immunocompetence for animals is also through observing external circumstances which confront the animals’ immune system. This can be through testing the food they eat and water they drink. Contact with other infected animals can also be put as a crucial consideration in such tests which do not necessarily, involve the animal (Fox, 2002) From the above tests, a crucial message is gained in that animals do not necessarily have to go through clinical tests to assess their immunity competence, but it can also be done indirectly by observing their diet, ensuring uncontaminated feed is given to them and also through checking the health of the other associative animals.

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