Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Personal Statement for UCAS Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Personal Statement for UCAS - Essay Example This essay discusses the reasons why the researcher chose to study International Relations, that was mostly due to his interest in world affairs and politics. This entails the cultural differences that are displayed by different nationalities. The development of a country is always fascinating to study because a lot can be learnt from it. Some of the particular topics that are of importance to me are corruption, human rights, and discrimination. The researcher states that it was his father, who encouraged him to pursue a course in International Relations in college because the researcher would be able to live out his dream. In the learning of other cultures, the researcher is able to understand what needs to change within his own culture as well. The author would like to impact his country in a positive way, and taking a course in International Relations will help him to achieve that. Because International Relations is very broad, the researcher would like to focus more on the differ ent economic and political systems that are in place across the world, such as the UK and former USSR, that both are great examples of countries that are very different both politically and economically. The researcher would like to understand how the teachings of Karl Marx affected society in the USSR and what effect this had on the Soviet people, that lived through such events. He would also like to understand the reasons behind this and how the researcher can impact his country in the same way today.

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