Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Medicare and Medicaid Module 4 ( Case) Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Medicare and Medicaid Module 4 ( Case) - Essay Example Eligibility to this program is mainly based on the levels of income. Families which fall under the income earners receiving less than sixty percent below the poverty level are liable to receiving Medicaid (Hill, 2006). In addition, pregnant mothers also receive Medicaid as they are in need of prenatal care assistance that is often immediate. The same program also covers children up to 18 years. Medicare on the other hand is meant for disabled individuals, those with problem s, those in need of long term care and those above 65 years. Medicare as a program has been divided into two components; one component applies to those citizen s who require inpatient care, those in need of hospitalization as well as other hospital services. The other component covers medical supplies, outpatient care and special needs for individuals who are disabled. Over the years, Medicare has undergone remarkable changes in terms of changing economics, demographic, health care system and technologies in an effort to meet the needs of the dynamic society. In current times, Medicare has emerged as a vital financial protection base for more than 38millions Americans who are old together with disabled individuals inclusive of their families. The program has not stopped at that as it promises to extend its protection to each and every individual in future. This has made most Americans to appreciate the fact that without Medicare program, a good portion of what they enjoy as their retirement income would have to be set aside for health care payment. So far, the program is regarded as being a success. This can be seen in many sectors with a good example being the health insurance coverage on older Americans where in the early 1960’s it had managed to cover only half of the older population and more so some who were lucky to be covered receive d coverage that was very limited. At that time,

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