Friday, August 9, 2019

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I will attach the documents - Essay Example The Psychological Legacy of Slavery Black attitude towards: Work The author has explained that the African-Americans were bonded by slavery and they toiled day and night not for their own profit but for the wellbeing of their masters. Naturally, there is a general inclination among the Black people about work – hatred. As a result, they started hating work and despised whenever they were made to it. The author believes that even after several years, those memories have strong effect on them. I would agree with the author on this view because the Black people express their hatred towards doing work very blatantly and survive their lives through other means such as cheating and gambling. Although, those works are considered illegal, they still do it just because of the pain they feel about their ancestor’s slavery years. Poverty The author has continued his reasoning about the hatred towards poverty on the same lines of work. He has explained that, just as they saw work b eing forced on to them by slavery, material things were also owned only by the masters and hence the same hatred was passed onto the material objects too. According to the author, they still consider properties to be masters and hence continue their hatred against that. But, in my opinion, this does not exist in current minds of the people. As one could see, Black people are also obsessed about material properties just like normal human beings. One could see in streets, Black people buying land, hats and other ornamental stuffs. Hence, I would certainly disagree with the author about Black’s attitude towards property. The Clown According to the author the clowning acts of the Blacks is an impact of slavery as the Black people tried to persuade their masters through clowning to which the masters responded affirmatively. The author attributes this reasoning to the current trends in media industry where most of the Black people are quiet successful in clowning themselves. I do a gree with the author as he has provided enough evidences regarding the presence of clowning acts during slavery times. Also, it is a well-known fact that any traditional act, as long as it provides good deeds always gets transcended to future generations. Personal inferiority I agree with the author on this attitude from Blacks. There is serious proof for the feeling of inferiority complex existing in all minds of the Black people who exist in America. This feeling can be easily identified with several violent incidents prevalent all over the States, done mostly by the Blacks – a direct outcome of such an inhibited feeling. Community Division I certainly agree with the author that slavery was the prime reason for instilling in the minds of the Blacks, a strong sense of discomfort against the White community. The treatment meted out to them in terms of slavery was unjustifiable and it hurt them so deeply that their roots are grounded firmly against the concept of unity. Family life In my opinion the author’s account of a discretionary family life is not agreeable because it is not evident in all the societies of Blacks. One could see that they are united within the family showing great interest towards their kin and relatives. Color Discrimination The author has

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