Monday, August 12, 2019

Handball as a game played by use of hands instead of feet as in Essay

Handball as a game played by use of hands instead of feet as in football - Essay Example The paper tells that there before, people had that misconception that playing handball is just an easy task that is not that much demanding. This has lately been proven wrong, since handball is like any other game where a lot from the players is needed. The game requires someone to posses the right skills and to have undergone a thorough training before one can become an excellent player. Every player has a desire to improve his game swiftly, but many spend only a few moments of time perfecting their skills. Efficient learning and training is the best approach in achieving most and for high level play in all the sports, as research has proved. This line of attack could also be applied to almost any corporal ability. Therefore, for one to pursue sporting as a career, one has to be ready for the ups and downs associated with the job. More extra efforts will be essentially vital in the job. High level of discipline, total devotion, and perseverance in hard times of sport are among the k ey requirements of the job. Hence, the misconception by many people that playing a sport and get a salary it is an easy job get proven wrong. There has also been a misconception on payment to sporting players among several people. Many people have clung on the belief that sports playing are well paid jobs compared to the other jobs. In many games like soccer, or basketball, prolific players have been there, but soon they no longer play. The situation is this way because of various limiting factors like age limit or incase of incidence of severe injuries to players. In all the games, handball being one of them, there is a certain age limit that players are to be within and beyond which they get retirement. Therefore, these conditions present cases that make the sports players receive more earning in the form of salary. This is in effect, will cater for their up keep soon they quit playing the game. The issue of better payment will then be of assistance to the players especially those who rely entirely on playing as a life career. Among various games, handball is a game that can be played by anyone on the basis of gender despite the different belief by various people, that handball is a girls sport. It has also been found that handball is a game with various strict rules and regulations that are followed to the later. During training and match sessions, these rules and regulations are well observed. Among the rules while playing; as one dribbles the ball, the hand is to touch the ball just at its upper partly. The player is to move three steps prior to shooting, dribbling or releasing the ball. The moment the foot gets onto the ground is a step made. The players have to ensure that the ball get to their rival’s target to earn a score. Once a team has scored, the loser team starts the game again. Therefore, the sport is not as easy as thought of, but rather complex to some extent. It was extremely surprising that many people, especially, those without much exposure to the game, initially, they had thought that in most developed countries is where handball was best played. This belief had led to many talented players in handball dreams being shuttered. The developing countries had the adverse effects of the perception. Those people, who had secured handball playing as a job, and opted to carry on with the job, had to put with the torment of the idea. Lately, through the swift spread of knowledge and information about handball, has led to appreciation of the game widely.

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