Saturday, August 10, 2019

Define the utility of Katharine Kolcabas Comfort theory for Essay

Define the utility of Katharine Kolcabas Comfort theory for application to clinical practice using an actual clinical problem you observed - Essay Example This meeting of needs may be addressed physically, socioculturally, psychospiritually or environmentally. Whatever the means adopted, the ultimate aim is to reduce the discomfort of the patient which is perhaps the primary goal of any nursing care activity. Although it may be impossible to utilize all contexts (physical, psychospiritual, sociocultural or environmental) simultaneously; there is yet the possibility of utilizing the maximum modes possible, all aim at reducing discomfort while enhancing the feeling of comfort (Sitzman & Eichelberger, 2011). In my opinion, one of the main problems that are encountered in the clinical setting on frequent basis is the care of patients having impaired integrity of skin, especially those patients who are unable to move on their own and are therefore immobilized to a variable extent. This group of patients comprises a special population who are destined towards a slow decline in their health status if appropriate measures are not taken during the early stages of their illness. As skin is the main barrier between the external and internal environment of the body, any defect in this barrier is likely to expose the individual to a variety of pathogens that can not only infect the dermatological tissue, but also invade the body, affect other organs and destroy the homeostasis of the body ultimately resulting in an unfavorable outcome (Freinkel & Woodley, 2001). A gravely uncomfortable consequence of impaired skin integrity is seen in the form of development of pressure-sores in patients are immobilized for extended periods of time. These lesions result due to the presence of persistent pressure on certain areas of the body and can ultimately contribute towards the fatality of the disease for which a patient is under treatment. The intervention designed for the chosen problem includes a number of measures that are collectively

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