Saturday, August 17, 2019

Cultural Influences on Social Cognition and Behavior Essay

There was once a time when I met a Filipino family in the park. The most famous hospitality of Filipinos was showed to me. They have invited me to join them for snacks — something that a typical American would not do even to fellow American. However, these people became friendly to me even though they know that I am not among their own race. I was able to identify with them because I have experienced the real essence of having a family, something I am not seeing in most American families. With that encounter, they have thought me to also be concern with other people. More than that, they have showed me that we can unite amid cultural differences and that we can trust people even at the first meeting; and through that we can have connections. I found this influences to easy come to my senses and being because I have been observing families in my own community and I have not found anyone or family as hospitable as them. That is because I was able to identify with them. I was vulnerable because it was my first time to experience such hospitability from other people who possess different culture other than what I have been practicing. Americans have become very individualistic and have failed to show such culture to other people even in our own kind. I was able to process my thoughts and feelings in terms of dealing with other cultures because I have experienced another culture first hand, more than what I can read from books and periodicals. What I have experienced and learned through the encounter is definitely a positive influence. Because their culture has encouraged me to learn more about other cultures and practices of other people and they have helped me understand the differences of cultures. Reference Huitt, W. (2006). Social cognition. Educational Psychology Interactive. Valdosta, GA: Valdosta State University. Retrieved May 13, 2008 from http://chiron. valdosta. edu/whuitt/col/soccog/soccog. html.

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