Tuesday, August 27, 2019

Comparison of Desk Suit with Chest of Drawers in Relation to Essay

Comparison of Desk Suit with Chest of Drawers in Relation to Surrealism - Essay Example The essay "Comparison of Desk Suit with Chest of Drawers in Relation to Surrealism" analyzes similarity and contrast of two paintings. The paper provide a comparison of Desk suit (1936) with Chest of drawers (1936) in the context of surrealism. Surrealism was a cultural and literary movement that promoted the automatic and creative thinking among members of a society. The two painters were among the major proponents of the cultural and artistic movement. Their two paintings are therefore fundamental in fostering the growth of the ideologies at the time. In the first section will be discussed Salvador Dali’s painting and in the second will be discussed Elisa Schiaparelli’s painting. / The painting is an artistic masterpiece that embodies the dictates of surrealism. The painting of a human with his bodies partitioned by drawers is a representation of Sigmund Freud’s psychoanalysis. Art is a cultural product that often criticizes and represents the society. Sigmund Freud developed unique ideas of psychology that remains essential to the study to date. As such, Dali borrowed his ideas at the time to visualize the dictates of his ideologies. The artistic painting is an imaginative representation of Freud’s unique psychology that assets that the human body consists of platonic. The separate drawers represent the various secrets that a human keeps all of which are accessible only through an effective psychoanalysis as proposed by Sigmund Freud. The painting is unique as it communicates to a specific audience.

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