Thursday, August 8, 2019

Application Development and Technology Tools Research Proposal

Application Development and Technology Tools - Research Proposal Example Analysis of the systems - the project team will set criteria for a new application, we would define a set of common questions that will be asked of all partners with respective answers we're looking for that applies to our environment. This will help solidify what parents will move onto the next round. The project team will start researching partners for the application, in this round we are looking to narrow down the first selection of partners with the initial phone interview. We will narrow down the vendor selection to four, it is our intention to set up demos with the remaining partners with respective stakeholders and project sponsors. When this is been completed we will recommend the appropriate phone application. Phase 2: Planning and Development- the project team will start setting up interviews and surveys with various stakeholders for a detailed analysis of current business processes. We'll take the current business process and translate that into a workable document for development team and mobile phone application partners. The document will be a roadmap for the app. We will create a series of flowcharts that relates to all the business processes in each of the stakeholders. This documentation will be used in phase 3 of the implementation of the mobile app. The project management team will coordinate with the infrastructure team to create a common database that is used by all stakeholders so that all information is available. Phase 3: Implementation-the project team will define showstoppers for project rollbacks. Criteria will be put in place to address what a showstopper is. This will be helpful if there is a need to roll the project back to phase 2. The project management team will define the first pilot group, when defining this we need to make sure that all users in the pilot group are fully aware of the anticipated start date. We will also let the pilot group know about the test procedures that will be implemented in phase 4. However, before the implementation is rolled out to the pilot group the developers will be tasked in phase 4 to do the initial testing.

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