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Analysis of Infinity Games

You are to complete the following task in the order given:   Task A: Carry out user and task analysis. You must have a clear view of the users of this system. Consider that not everyone is comfortable with the technology. For example, you need to deal with user variation such as age or language skills. Perform a user analysis, i.e. characterise the users and identify your potential users. Clearly identify the tasks the potential users perform, and in what order. These are all user interface design considerations that you should take into account.   Task B: Propose design and system requirements. Consolidate your findings from your user and task analysis with the given specifications into a design and system requirements. For example, the number of items to display, the screen size, what colours, how many different screens to display etc.   Task C: Develop a low-fidelity prototype using Storyboard (a minimum of 4 screens). Based on the above requirements, develop a preliminary design of the web user interface. At this stage, the prototype is basically a medium to support your initial concept and ideas. For example, the prototype should show where the ‘Business Hour’ button is located or would it be possible to fit 20 images aesthetically on a single page, etc? You can use paper-based (e.g. paper and colour pencils etc.) or screen based (e.g. painting software) to sketch your design. Low- fidelity prototyping is mainly to allow designers to produce alternative designs expediently without having to go into depth or functionality. Think of low-fidelity prototyping as the 5D tool for: design, draft, decide, discard and do-over.  Ã‚   Task D: Obtain user feedback. Invite 3 – 4 potential users (e.g. friends, family members, classmates, etc.) to provide you with feedback of your low-fidelity prototype (your storyboard). Carry out the evaluation according to prescribed methods as in Chapter 4 of your textbook (Shneiderman & Plaisant, 2010) or from other scholarly source. Use appropriate survey techniques. Analyse the data you have collected from the user evaluation and refine and improve on your initial design.   Task E: Develop high-fidelity prototype based on the user test feedback and recommendations from Task D. The high-fidelity prototype should be a reasonably complete version for the Infinity Games website and does not need to work as a complete website. A minimum of 4 screens should be produced in correspondence to your Task C storyboard. High-fidelity prototype must be computer-drawn and any drawing software is acceptable.   Task F: Write a report. Produce a report to document the tasks and the outcome of your efforts undertaken for the project. Remember, this report is intended for your employers. You need to document and support the viability of your website – that is, to convince your employer that your webpage design is satisfactory and that it meets user acceptance test.   The analysis has been done for the website which is related to infinity games. The website is just a simple and static website which describes the shop layout and the products present in the shop. So, the analysis has been done so that improvements may be done in the website. Different opinions have been taken from different types of users belonging to different age groups, different occupations. It has been analyzed whether the design of the website is adhered to the principles of design or not as bad design is always unpleasant and disturbs the visitors on the website.  Ã‚   The website has been designed to help the customers who have interest in the games, toys or playing cards. This website is designed for gaming business and users who like to visit the website lie in the age group of 15-60 years. The website has been designed with so much simplicity and it is user friendly as anyone can access or understand it easily. All of the design principles for a website are followed in this website. The pages of the website are similar to each other in terms of the background. According to the principles of design, any copyright notice should be kept at the bottom of the website. In this website, copyright notice has been kept at the bottom only as per the design principles. The color of the content should be proper and clear so that user does not find difficulty to read the content of the website. So, color chosen for the website is simple and good which does not affect the user to create complexity. According to the principles, navigation layout must work pro perly i.e. the links should navigate to the proper webpage. Navigation has been done properly in this website. The website has been designed with the use of high quality images and efficient textual description (Wirtz, Jakobs &   Ziefle, 2009).   Tasks in a particular sequence that are usually performed by the users are as follows: This is the first task which is performed by any user. User loads the website by typing the url in address bar or by searching the website on any search engine. This is a very simple task and sometimes varies in terms of duration. Next task to the loading is Reading as user reads the information he sees after loading and checks whether he/she is surfing the right website or not. By reading the information on the loaded main page user is able to understand about the type of website he/she is surfing. This task is also much simple.   This is the third task followed by reading in which user actually starts browsing what they are looking for. For e.g., for this website user looks at the different products on different WebPages and start comparing them on the terms of price, features or compatibility. This task may be performed by the user as many times user wants. This task of navigation gets automatically started once the browsing gets started. Navigation is basically done through links, buttons, menus, actionable items etc. Navigation is easy for those who keep on visiting various websites daily but difficult to understand for those who have little knowledge about computers. The website should adhere to the following design principles:   It should be ensured that the window of the browser should not contain scroll bars, instead only one window should be displayed. It should be kept in mind that all kinds of advertisements, pop-ups and multi level windows should not be opened, their use should be avoided. Navigation to any page should be displayed in bold letters. It should be understandable by the visitor that where he/she is at presently. So, use of navigation must be proper. Menus having drop down hierarchies should be avoided. It is important that the relevant types of graphics must be used. Animations in the website should be used when it is needed, else it should be avoided. Images should be put in the website with the alt tags. Icons used in the website should have a specific meaning and can be identified easily. The content written for the website should be simple and understandable to every visitor. Important information should be highlighted with bolded letters. There should be a clear difference between the links which have been visited and the links which have never been visited. The links which have been visited must be displayed with some other color than the actual color of the link so that it can be identified that it is a visited link. It is to ensure that there should be proper spacing between the names of the links so that they do not over-clutter with each other. It should be kept in mind that the colors which are dark and loud should be avoided for background purpose as there are so many kinds of visitors, the old aged visitor may feel difficulty to read content on the dark colored background. Similarly, the content of color should be kept sound to the background i.e. there should be a good contrast between the color of background and the color of the content so that content might remain readable for all visitors.   Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚  Ã‚   A good website always must have a feedback form in the contact us page so that visitor may leave their feedback and the improvements must be made in the website accordingly.   User Acceptance Test has to be done for the website so that designers must know how can be website accepted by the users and if there are any issues, how those issues are to be solved. One of the efficient methods to perform User Acceptance Test is to take feedback from the different users and accordingly bringing up the news ideas and thoughts for the website. So, for this website User’s Feedback has been taken by asking them different questions which are as follows:   Therefore, on the basis of the above questions, feedback has been taken from three different users which is described in the next section. Feedback has been taken from three persons who belong to different occupations and different age groups. Feedback of those three visitors has been described as follows: Person 1 is a 62-years retired professor who is living his life on the pension income. He hardly has knowledge about the computer use. He hardly uses internet, if he does so, he uses it for news and Wikipedia purpose. Since he has little knowledge, so he can also access the simple websites, complex kind of website confuses him. His experience with this website is good as the website has been designed with so much simplicity. So, he did not feel difficulty and could easily surf the site. He rates the website as 8 on the scale of 1-10.   Person 2 is a 19 year old college going boy and usually completes his assignments by surfing on the internet. Therefore, he has a good knowledge about computer and so internet. He may handle even the complex sites as he is aware of navigating the links and browsing the website. When this website was given to him for review, he could easily point out that the website is about gaming business as he has a lot of interest in gaming and all. He told that the website looked so simple and understandable that he got to know about every webpage so easily. He felt that the website should have more of multimedia things and content to make the website look more attractive and catchy. He rates the website as 7 on 10.   Person 3 is a 45 year old homemaker who is graduated but does not earn money. She did not have much knowledge about the computers, but her son taught her the basics of computers and Smartphone. So, now she used to access many of the health related websites, recipe related websites, social networking websites such as facebook or instagram. She used to access the internet daily for 2-3 hours. When the website was given to her, she understood clearly that the website is about playing cards, boards games or toys but she was confused that these products can be bought online or not. She felt the site looks like ecommerce site. So, she recommended that if the website would contain ecommerce features, she would have taken the help from her son or someone else to buy some games. She said that website might look more beautiful and innovative if it becomes more colorful (Darejeh &   Singh, 2013).   Three walkthrough scenarios have been taken for the website considering the home page, contact page, and product pages. Walkthrough scenarios are as follows: As person 1 has little knowledge about computers, so probably he might not make use of navigational menu. But person 2 and 3 used the navigation map to navigate to other webpage while person 1 just used the navigational menus on the top to navigate to the other webpage. Person 2 has also little knowledge of computers but she used to increase her pace as if she is adapted to the websites.   This is a simple walkthrough that might take time from 40 seconds to 1minute. Person1 did not complete this walkthrough while person2 hardly took 25 seconds to complete the walkthrough and person 3 could complete it but took time of around 1 and half minutes. This walkthrough scenario is bit different from the previous scenario and usually takes 1 minute to get complete. Person2 took around 40 seconds to get this walkthrough done while person 1 took around 3 minutes to get this done as he was not aware of going back to the homepage. Person 3 completed this walkthrough in around 2 minutes but she had to reload the entire session for returning to the homepage as she was also not aware of going back to the homepage (Axelsson, 2012).   In this report, principles of the design play a great role in determining the efficiency of the website. It is considered that if website follows the design principles, then the website has good interface else the bad interface leads to the unpleasant impression on the website. This analysis has been done by taking various feedbacks from various visitors so that designers might know where the improvement is required in the website.  Ã‚   Axelsson, A. (2012). Consistency in Web Design from a User Perspective. Bhaskar, N., Naidu, P., Babu, S. and Govindarajulu, P. (2011). General principles of user interface design and websites.  Int J Softw Eng, pp.45--60. Darejeh, A. and Singh, D. (2013). A review on user interface design principles to increase software usability for users with less computer literacy.  Journal of Computer Science, 9(11), p.1443. Wirtz, S., Jakobs, E. and Ziefle, M. (2009). Age-specific usability issues of software interfaces.

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